Wednesday, 8 October 2008

The Power of Templates

So, Sitecore has skipped the use of master...

After introducing Standard Values (assigned at the templates) in one of the late 5.X versions, it was clear that the static initial field values (specified at the masters) became of minor importance and more or less irrelevant. Why use the inflexible initial field values when you will be able to use the cool and smart Standard Values, and in this way be capable of changing the standard values at the items globaly after creating the items - This even without adding new coding. Though, the dynamic initia field values are still active. How to define your own dynamic initial values klick here.

By skipping the masters two questions immediately pops up in my mind. What about assigning masters to the "News" chunk, and what about the initial subitems?

Not surprisingly, instead of using the command "assinging masters" you simply assign templates - handled the same way as you assign masters in Sitecore 5.X. Furthermore, in Sitecore 6.0 it is actually possible to setup different rules when creating new items, and in this way you will be able to manage the possible number of items created in the item branch etc. - answering the first question. So, what about the initial subitems?

For solving the challange of initial subitems, Sitecore introduced the concept of Branch Templates .

More to come...

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