Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Sitecore Marketing Automation Activity Type not Showing?

Sitecore Marketing Automation Custom Activity type not showing in Marketing Automation Plan?

Ever tried to create a new Custom Acitivity type in Sitecore Marketing Automation. Followed the instructions at https://doc.sitecore.net/developers/xp/marketing-automation/activities/activity-types/index.html? And the activity type you created still doesn’t appear in the Marketing Actions chunk in the Toolbox Area in the right side of the Marketing Automation App?

Going through the documentation several times making sure, you have created everything right?

Well, if you select plugin class (the plugin containing the metadata that the Sitecore Marketing Automation application uses to find and register the activity type configured in the plugin). Make sure the ID not just match your custom Sitecore activity item ID in your plugin decorator property(located under “master:/sitecore/System/Settings/Analytics/Marketing Automation/Activity Types/My Custom Activity Type”), but keep the ID in lower case.

import { Plugin } from '@sitecore/ma-core';
import { SamplePluginActivity } from './SamplePlugin.Activity';
import { SampleSingleItemModuleNgFactory } from './codegen/sample-single-item.module.ngfactory';
import { SampleSingleItemEditorComponent } from './editor/sample-single-item-editor.component';
   activityDefinitions: [
           // The ID must match the ID of the activity type description definition item in the CMS.
           id: 'E24EB15B-1B20-45F2-A48F-FA8FD1549DC1'.toLowerCase(),
           activity: SamplePluginActivity,
           editorComponenet: SampleSingleItemEditorComponent,
           editorModuleFactory: SampleSingleItemModuleNgFactory
export default class SamplePlugin {}