Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Disable SPEAK dialogs - Sitecore

Did you have trouble with Sitecore SPEAK dialogs in Sitecore? We had!

Because Sitecore SPEAK adds these dialogs by overriding the existing dialogs in Sitecore, you can easily disable the SPEAK dialogs and use the old standard dialogs instead.

Sitecore has added a new include file, managing whether Sitecore uses the SPEAK dialogs or the old classic dialogs. Among other sections, the include file contain sections concerning the dialogs of media item and links, respectively. The include file is named Sitecore.Speak.config (and is stored at /App_Config/Includes/ next to all the other include files). In the include file you can easily override/comment out the SPEAK dialogs, you do not want to use.

<configuration xmlns:patch="">
      <override with="/sitecore/client/applications/Dialogs/SelectMediaDialog" xmlcontrol="Sitecore.Shell.Applications.Media.MediaBrowser" />
      <override dialogurl="/sitecore/shell/Applications/Dialogs/Internal%20link.aspx" with="/sitecore/client/applications/dialogs/InsertLinkViaTreeDialog" />
      <override dialogurl="/sitecore/shell/Applications/Dialogs/Mail%20link.aspx" with="/sitecore/client/applications/dialogs/InsertEmailDialog" />
      <override dialogurl="/sitecore/shell/Applications/Dialogs/Anchor%20link.aspx" with="/sitecore/client/applications/dialogs/InsertAnchorDialog" />
      <override dialogurl="/sitecore/shell/Applications/Item%20browser.aspx" with="/sitecore/client/applications/dialogs/InsertSitecoreItemViaTreeDialog" />

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