Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Additional Publishing Module

So, I finally got the time to publish my new module at Sitecore Marketplace. However, it is more like a couple of new Sitecore Client features than a real module. Actually, it’s only two new (but looong missing) features.

The module is called "Additional Publishing" and adds a new chunk into the “Publishing” tab, named “Additional Publishing”. The chunk contains the two new features/commands “Publish My Items” and “Publish Deleted Items”, respectively.

Publish My Items

The “Publish My Items” command allows a user (who has access right to the Publishing Tab) to publish all the items, the user has created and/or modified since the last time, the items was published. If the current user is an administrator, the administrator can choose another Sitecore user items to publish. 

The way the command work is, it takes all the publishing candidates from the Sitecore Publishing Queue and compare the value of the “__Updated by” field of the publishing candidate with the name of the current Sitecore user. If the “__Updated by” value is equal to the name of the current Sitecore user, the command will publish the item. 

Publish Deleted Items

The “Publish Deleted Items” command allows a user to “un-publish” or “remove” items from the publishing target databases, which have been deleted from the source/master database. This, without the need of publishing the parent item of a deleted item or without starting an incremental publishing of the website. 

The way the command works is, it (like the “Publish My Items” command) takes all the items located in the Publishing Queue and check whether the item exist in the source database (normally the master database). If the item does not exist in the source database (the item is deleted), the changes of the item (the deletion) will be published and the item will be removed the item from the publishing targets.

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