Friday, 11 October 2013

Sitecore Package Installation History

Do you want to se the history of your Sitecore packages? Who created the package, when the package was installed and who installed the package?

First, to clarify which values are added to the different fields, I created a user called "Rasmus admin" who created the new package and a user called "Rasmus editor" who installed the new package.

I added the "Genereal Info" to the package project. And added "Rasmus admin" as author and publisher:

After saving the package project and created the Sitecore package, start up the Installation Wizard

When the installation has finished navigate to Core database

Open your Content Editor and navigate to /sitecore/system/Packages/Installation history/. From here Sitecore lists all the packages installed in the current Sitecore solution. In the "Data" section you find info about who created the package etc.

If you want to see who installed the package and when it was installed - Open the "Statistics" field section of the "package item":

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